Melissa J. Remis

Refereed Publications

2021 Wren B., Ray I.S., Remis M., Gillespie T.R., Camp J. Social contact behaviors are associated with infection status for Trichuris sp. in wild vervet monkeys (Chlorocebus pygerythrus). PLoS ONE 16(4): e0240872.

2020 Remis, M.J. and Jost Robinson, C.A. Elephants, Hunters, and Others: Integrating Biological Anthropology and Multispecies Ethnography in a Conservation Zone. American Anthropologist, 122: 459-472.

2020 Smith, B. K., Remis, M. J., & Dierenfeld, E. S. Impacts of dietary modifications on the behaviour of captive western lowland gorillas (Gorilla gorilla gorilla). Journal of Zoo and Aquarium Research, 8(1), 50–58.

2018 Jost Robinson, CA and MJ Remis. Engaging Holism: Exploring Multispecies Approaches in Ethnoprimatology.  International Journal of Primatology.

2017 Remis, M.J. and C.A. Jost Robinson. Nonhuman Primates and “Others” in the Dzanga Sangha Reserve: The Role of Anthropology and Multispecies Approaches in Ethnoprimatology. Dore, K.M., Riley, E.P. and A. Fuentes. eds. Ethnoprimatology: A Practical Guide to Research on the Human-Nonhuman Primate Interface. Cambridge University Press.

2016    Jost-Robinson, C.A., Daspit, L.A. and M.J. Remis.  Monkeys On The Menu? Reconciling Patterns Of Primate Hunting And Consumption In A Central African Village.  Waller, M. ed. Ethnoprimatology: Primate conservation in the 21st Century.  Springer Press.

2016    Wren, B.T., Remis, M.J., Camp J.W. and T. R. Gillespie.   Number of Grooming Partners is Associated with Hookworm Infection in Wild Vervet Monkeys (Chlorocebus aethiopsFolia Primatologica 87:168-179.

2016    Gomez, Andres, K.J. Petrzelkova, M.B.Burns, C.J. Yeoman, K.R. Amato, K. Vickova, D. Modry, A. Todd, C.A. Jost Robinson, M.J. Remis, M.G. Torralba, E. Morton, J.D. Umana, F. Carbonero, H. R. Gaskins, K.E. Nelson, B.A. Wilson, R.M. Stumpf, B.A. White, S.R. Leigh and R. Bleckhman. Gut Microbiome of Coexisting BaAka Pygmies and Bantu Reflects Gradients of Traditional Subsistence Patterns.  Cell Reports 14(9): 2142 -2153. DOI:

2015    Jost Robinson, C.A. and M.J. Remis.  BaAka Women’s Health And Subsistence Practices In Transitional Conservation Economies: Variation With Age, Household Size, And Food Security. American Journal of Human Biology28: 453-460. doi: 10.1002/ajhb.22817

Cover article:

2015    Wren, B.T., Gillespie, T.R., Camp, JW and M.J. Remis. Helminths of Vervet Monkeys, Chlorocebus aethiops, from Loskop Dam Nature Reserve, South Africa. Comparative Parasitology 82[1].

2014    Remis, M. J. and Jost Robinson, C. A. Examining short-term nutritional status among BaAka foragers in transitional economies. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 154: 365–375. doi: 10.1002/ajpa.22521 Remis et al 2014 American Journal of Physical Anthropology

2014   Smith, B.K., M.J. Remis, and E.S. Dierenfeld. Nutrition of the captive western lowland gorilla      (Gorilla gorilla gorilla): a dietary survey. Zoo Biology 9999: 1–7 (2014) DOI 10.1002/zoo.21158

2014    Jost Robinson, C.A. and Remis, M.J. Entangled Realms: Hunters and Hunted in the Dzanga         Sangha Dense Forest Reserve (RDS), Central African Republic. Anthropology Quarterly. 87(3): 613-633.

2014    Malone, N., Fuentes, A., Riley, E.P., M. Remis, A.H. Wade and C.J. Robinson Ethnoprimatology: critical interdisciplinarity and multispecies approaches in anthropology Theme issue: “Critical perspectives on multi-species ethnography. Critique of Anthropology 34:8-29.  MaloneWadeFuentesRileyRemisJostRobinson2014AQ

2012    Hardin, R. and M.J. Remis. Towards Reflexive BioCultural Research in African Forest Conservation. In: Hardin, R. and K. Clarke eds. Testimonies and Transformations: Reflections on the making and using of Ethnographic Knowledge. University of Wisconsin Press.

2012    Remis, M.J. and C.A. Jost Robinson Reductions in primate abundance and diversity in a multiuse protected area: synergistic impacts of hunting and logging in a Congo Basin forest, American Journal of Primatology 74: 602-612. RemisJostRobinsonAJP2012

2011    Jost Robinson, C. A., L. L. Daspit, and M. J. Remis. Multi-faceted approaches to understanding changes and wildlife and livelihoods in a protected area: A conservation case study from the Central African Republic. Environmental Conservation 38(2): 247-255.

2011    Remis, M.J. and J.B. Kpanou. Primate and ungulate abundance in response to multi-use zoning and human extractive activities in a Central African Reserve. African Journal of Ecology. African Journal of Ecology 49(1): 70-80.

2009     Remis, M.J. and R. Hardin. Transvalued Species in an African Forest. Conservation Biology 23(6): 1588-1596.RemisandHardin2009

2007   Remis, M.J. and R. Hardin.   Assessment of forest use patterns and wildlife abundance: coupling anthropological and ecological approaches. Hanna, K., Clark, D. and S. Slocombe eds Protected Areas Management: Policy and Design; Spon Press, Routledge UK.

 2006   Hardin, R and Remis, M.J. Biological and Cultural Anthropology of a Changing Tropical Forest: A Fruitful Collaboration Across Subfields American Anthropologist 108 (2) 273-285. HardinandRemis2006AAA

2006   Remis, M.J. The role of taste in food selection by African apes: implications for niche separation and overlap in tropical forests. Primates 47 no. 1: 56-64.

2004   Remis, M.J. and Dierenfeld, E.S. Digesta Passage, Digestibility and Behavior in Captive Gorillas Under Two Dietary Regimens. International Journal of Primatology 23 (4): 825-845.

2004    Rogers, M.E., Abernethy, K., Bermejo, M., Cipolletta, C., Doran, D., McFarland, K., Nishihara, T., Remis, M.J. and Tutin, C.E.G. Western Gorilla Diet: A Synthesis from Six Sites. American Journal of Primatology 64:173-192.

2003   Remis, M.J. Are gorillas vacuum cleaners of the forest floor? Effects of body size, habitat and food preferences on variability in gorilla diet and nutrition. In: A.B. Taylor and M. Goldsmith (eds.), Revision of the Genus Gorilla, Cambridge University Press, p 385-404.

2002      Remis M.J. Food preferences among captive western lowland gorillas (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) and chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes spp.): Relationship to feeding strategies. International Journal of Primatology 23(2): 231-249.

2002      Remis, M.J. and M.E. Kerr. Initial studies on taste responses to fructose and tannic acid among gorillas (Gorilla gorilla gorilla). International Journal of Primatology 23(2):251-261.

2001    Remis, M.J., Dierenfeld, E.S., Mowry, C.B., and R.W. Carroll. Nutritional aspects of western lowland gorilla (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) diet during seasons of fruit scarcity at Bai Hokou, Central African Republic. International Journal of Primatology 22(5):807-836

2000    Remis, M.J. The contributions of body size and gastrointestinal passage times to dietary flexibility among gorillas. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 112:171-180. Remis AJPA 2000

2000    Remis, M.J. Preliminary assessments of the impacts of human activities on gorillas (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) and other wildlife at Dzanga-Sangha Reserve, Central African Republic. Oryx, 34(1): 56-64.

1999   Remis, M.J. Tree structure and sex differences in arboreality among western lowland gorillas (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) at Bai Hokou, Central African Republic. Primates 40(2): 383-396.

1998   Remis, M.J. The gorilla paradox: Effects of habitat and body size on the positional behavior of gorillas. In: E., Strasser, J. Fleagle, A. Rosenberger and H. McHenry (eds.), Primate Locomotion, pp. 95-106, Plenum Press, New York.

1997    Remis, M.J. Western lowland gorillas (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) as seasonal frugivores: Use of variable resources.   American Journal of Primatology 43:87-109. Remis 1997 American Journal of Primatology

1997    Remis, M.J. Ranging and grouping patterns of a lowland gorilla group (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) at Bai Hokou, Central African Republic. American Journal of Primatology 43:111-133. Remis 1997 American Journal of Primatology_2

1995    Remis, M.J. Use of trees by lowland gorillas: The importance of body size and social context.   American Journal of Physical Anthropology 97(4): 413-433.  Remis 1995 American Journal of Physical Anthropology

1993    Remis, M.J. Nesting behavior of lowland gorillas in the Central African Republic: Implications for population estimates and understandings of group dynamics. Tropics 2(4): 45-55.

Other Publications

2007    Remis, M.J. Craig Stanford: Apes of the Impenetrable Forest by Craig Stanford. Book Review. International Journal of Primatology 28(5): 1175-1176.

Remis, M.J. Gorilla letters: In the field. Field report In: D. Falk. Primate Diversity, Norton Press, New York, pp. 306-307.

1998   Remis, M.J. and B. Mbassangao. Gorilla research in the Central African Republic and preliminary results of impacts of human activities on Gorillas at the Dzanga-Sangha Reserve. Gorilla Conservation News 12:7-8.

1995     Remis, M.J. Chimpanzee Cultures: A Review. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 98(2): 236-238. (Book review).

Edited Conference Proceedings

1997      Hardin, R. and Remis, M. Sociological, Anthropological and ecological research in the Tri-National Sangha Region: Contributions to development. Proceedings of the Workshop for Scientific Research and Rural Development. World Wildlife Fund-US/BSP. Workshop for 60 ex-patriate and local researchers in the Central African Republic, Cameroon and the Congo. Held in Bayanga, Central African Republic, July 31-August 2, 1997. Co-organized with R. Hardin, Department of Anthropology, Yale University.

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