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Congratulations to Dr. Savannah Schulze!

Dr. Savannah Schulze received her Doctoral degree in Anthropology from Purdue University in May 2022. Savannah’s dissertation “Displacement-in-place” is an ethnographic analysis of one indigenous Batwa community’s lived experience with conservation and development at Bwindi National Park , Uganda. Dr. … Continue reading

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Savannah Schulze “Indigenous People’s Lived Experiences with Gorilla Conservation in Uganda

In this piece Savannah examines the impact of displacement in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda. The Indigenous Batwa were traditionally hunter-gatherers in the Bwindi Forest. Historical processes and recent conservation efforts have caused them to lose access to traditional territories … Continue reading

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Carolyn Jost Robinson featured on HBO Vice

Congratulations to Carolyn Jost Robinson on her debut on HBO Vice! The documentary highlighted Carolyn’s research in the forests of Central African Republic and featured many members of our extended BaAka family. Be on the lookout for Carolyn and crew in … Continue reading

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Monkeys are less cuddly with each other when dealing with an infection, study finds

Brandi Wren (Purdue PhD 2013), Ian Ray, Thomas Gillespie, Melissa Remis and Joseph Camp have a new publication in PLOS One! Brandi Wren, an RRG member and Visiting Scholar in the department of anthropology at Purdue University studied social distancing and … Continue reading

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Melissa Remis honored with Purdue’s 2020 Violet Haas Award, virtual reception May 9, 2021

Melissa Remis was honored by Purdue Provost Jay Akridge and Professor Mangala Subrimaniam of the Butler Center at a recent virtual Awards Ceremony. Jay Akridge, Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Diversity, and Mangala Subramaniam, Chair and … Continue reading

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Following African elephant trails to approach conservation differently

African forest elephants, highly sociable animals, travel in small family groups to meet others at these muddy water sources, which are full of rich minerals they can’t find in the forests. By clearing routes to these destinations, elephants have created … Continue reading

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Smithsonian Magazine Features Remis and Jost Robinson’s work

Smithsonian Magazine interviewed Melissa Remis, professor and head of anthropology and Carolyn Jost Robinson, about their study published in American Anthropologist that examined “how elephants have shaped the landscape and created paths that are essential for researchers, animals, and locals alike” in central Africa.

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Melissa Remis and Carolyn Jost Robinson publish new article in American Anthropologist

“Elephants, Hunters, and Others: Integrating Biological Anthropology and Multispecies Ethnography in a Conservation Zone”  has just appeared in the September 2020 issue of American Anthropologist.  The paper follows multispecies interactions along networks of elephant trails in the Central African Republic … Continue reading

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Savannah Schulze receives National Geographic Grant for research on cultural tourism in Uganda!

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Remis as Head of Department of Anthropology!

Dr. Melissa J. Remis has returned to Purdue’s Department of Anthropology, this time as Head of the Department. Having left for a short venture in the Dean’s Office, the Anthropology faculty, staff, and students are excited for Remis’ return and … Continue reading

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