Graduate Students

Current Graduate Students

Elizabeth Hall is a current PhD candidate studying emerging zoonotic infectious disease risk at the human-wildlife interface in the Dzanga Sangha Protected Areas in Central African Republic.

Savannah Schulze is a current PhD candidate whose research focuses on exploring the complex interactions between gorillas and humans sharing edge habitats in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda.

Previous Graduate Students:

Dr. Lesley Daspit (Purdue PhD 2011) currently lecturer in the International Studies Program, University of North Carolina, Wilmington, NC.

Dr. Bonnie (Katie) Smith (Purdue PhD 2012), currently Analyst at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA.

Dr. Carolyn Jost Robinson (Purdue PhD 2012), currently Director of

Dr. Brandi T. Wren (Purdue PhD 2013), currently Visiting Scholar at Purdue University.

Previous MS Students:

Tara Capel, MS 2020. They All Work Together.”: Using Ethnoprimatology in an Applied Approach to Highway Construction in Refugio de Gandoca-Manzanillo, Jario Mora Sandoval (REGAMA), Costa Rica

Sarah Soffer, MS 2012. Differential use of anthropogenically disturbed forests by Lepilemur and Microcebus at Beza Mahafalay Special Reserve, Madagascar.

Sabrina Adleman, received her MS in 2006 on the impacts of human activities and ecotourism on the ranging patterns of habituated and wild gorilla groups at Bwindi Forest, Uganda.

Kim Linsendbardt Brei, MS 2004. Howler Monkey Habitat Use in Costa Rica

Sarah Schaefer, MS 2003. Impacts of Seasonality, Inter-annual Variability and Selective Logging on Forest Phenology at Bai Hokou, Central African Republic

Jennifer Cooper, MS 2001. Female social relationships among captive western lowland gorillas. Jenny received her PhD  in 2008 in Dr. Waser’s lab in the Department of Biology at Purdue.  Currently a lecturer in Biology at California State University Stanislas.



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