Melissa Remis honored with Purdue’s 2020 Violet Haas Award, virtual reception May 9, 2021

Melissa Remis was honored by Purdue Provost Jay Akridge and Professor Mangala Subrimaniam of the Butler Center at a recent virtual Awards Ceremony.

Violet Haas Award Presentation

Jay Akridge, Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Diversity, and Mangala Subramaniam, Chair and Director of Susan Bulkeley Butler Center for Leadership Excellence, along with Elizabeth Haas presents the 2019-2020 Violet Haas award to Melissa Remis, Professor and Head of Anthropology.

Purdue University’s Provost and the Butler Center’s Violet Haas Award recognizes individuals, programs, and departments, that have facilitated the advancement of women in hiring, promotion, education, and salary, or have enhanced a positive professional climate for women at the University.

About Melissa Remis

Department Head and Professor of Anthropology, Purdue University
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