Liz Hall receives National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant!

Congratulations to Purdue University Anthropology doctoral candidate, Liz Hall, who received a grant from the National Science Foundation for support of the project entitled “Doctoral Dissertation Research: Zoonotic Risks at the Human-Primate Interface: Behavior, Nutritional Status, and Immune Function.” Her project is under the direction of Professor Melissa J. Remis.

Liz is conducting fieldwork with local communities in the Dzanga-Sangha Reserve in the Central African Republic and collecting data on diet, nutritional status, and behavior of indigenous and migrant men and women with different subsistence patterns and practices that may put them at varying risk for zoonotic diseases. She is collecting a variety of anthropometric and ethnographic data, and her research will include laboratory analyses of biomarkers of health and inflammation.

Congratulations, Liz!

About Melissa Remis

Department Head and Professor of Anthropology, Purdue University
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